Maca Natural Benefits!

Maca Natural Benefits!

Getting back to the routine has been such a draaaaag! Adulting can be hard at times but we have to stay focused and positive.

After traveling, I felt sick, tired and out of energy!  I needed to do something quick to feel back to my normal self.  I started my day by drinking warm water with lemon, This is the best thing you can do in the morning to detox your body.  I also went on daily beach walks and after each walk, I closed my eyes and listened to the ocean and I tried, yes! “Tried really hard” because meditating is the hardest thing to do!  I did this for a short 5 minutes and I told myself what I loved the most about my life and what I was grateful for. I felt so at peace, I will for sure continue to practice meditation.

Another routine that helped me get my energy back, Is MACA! My new favorite root besides Ginger and Tumeric. Maca is the best thing I have yet to discover.

It is known to be a natural source of healing nutrition and It’s also considered an adaptogen which means this root helps the body fight stress, body fatigue, brain fog and most important balance your hormones.  When hormones are “Out of whack” it will start to cause major issues to the body such as, not seeing results with losing weight, mood swings, anxiety, and depression. It’s important to have your hormones in balance to live a happy healthy lifestyle.

MACA Benefits:

  • Natural Antioxidant
  • Improves Energy & Mood
  • Balances Hormones Levels
  • High in Vitamin C, Copper and Iron
  • Fights Fatigue and brain fog
  • Boost Sex Drive in Women

How to Drink Maca?

I prefer drinking Maca warm, However, I warn you, the first time you do try Maca you probably will say it has an earthy taste to it but you will learn to love it!

Follow the recipe below:

Hot Maca

Serves one


1 teaspoon maca powder

1¼ cups of unsweetened almond milk.

¼ of Cinnamon (if you prefer a sweeter taste)


Mix all the ingredients in a blender for just a minute.

Pour into a small pan and heat over a low stove setting until mixture is warm.

Pour into a mug and Enjoy! ❤

Send me a picture and let me know what you think! @Cynjones

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Health Tips While Traveling

Health Tips While Traveling

Hi Everyone,

I made it to London and it was amazing! Although I was only here for one day and now boarding a plane to Zurich, I wanted to share a couple of my health rituals I’ve done while traveling so far.

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that recently I’m obsessed with turmeric and ginger. Well I decided to implement these roots into my travel routine. I did a little research before leaving and found a couple different health benefits from these while traveling.

We ran into a Whole Foods randomly in London and I took advantage of the opportunity to grab me an Clint a turmeric shot. I was so happy to find this because I was feeling a little jet lagged from the flight and I know turmeric boosts antioxidant levels and brain functionality. After taking the shot, which was very good by the way, I felt a lot better. Clint actually liked it too. The first time trying turmeric you might think it’s spicy and tart but it grows on you and taking shots like this that have a hint of juice flavoring always help. It’s definitely an acquired taste. This one had pineapple juice so it was tasty.

Turmeric is also an anti-inflammatory and helps with digestion. These benefits are very important to me. It can help you with any swelling and head pressure that may be caused by flying.

Turmeric and ginger’s digestion help is huge for me. While traveling in the past I have had issues with not being able to go. I know gross, but this is real. It’s so annoying when trying to be cute, especially trying to enjoy a vacation with looking and feeling bloated in pictures. LOL. I drank a ginger latte that I found in a local cafe/juice bar. And that along with the turmeric shot, let’s just say I haven’t had any issues not being able to go.

I am so excited to share more health benefits along the way. I wanted to keep this one short and simple, but I will write another post about all the different benefits you can get from turmeric and ginger in the future.

Extra tip: Trying bring your favorite teas along with you. Since it’s my first long flight, I am feeling a bit tired and anxious. I regularly drink a herbal chamomile/lavender relaxation tea. It helps me feel calm so I can sleep. You can easily ask for free hot water anywhere and this has been a huge help for me. Clint thought I was crazy at first but he is impressed now as I sip my FREE tea on the plane ride to Zurich.

I Hope you guys are enjoying my posts and following along! London was great now off to Zurich to meet my best friend. I’m so excited to see her new home.